Program Benefits:

  • All lenses & frames meet the rigorous ANSI z87.1 and OSHA standards
  • Full warranty on every pair of glasses
  • Customized version of the website with simple steps to complete the process
  • Real time administrative access to see all orders and approve or deny
  • Custom frame and lens offerings to match your specific criteria
  • Access to our dedicated online tool for measuring pupilary distance (PD)
  • Custom rules to prevent ineligible orders
  • Real time accounting summary of all orders and costs
  • Every pair of glasses is custom crafted in the USA
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Simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we partner with companies to help EHSR compliance and to offer your team safety glasses that you can trust.

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Why Choose Ocusafe.com for Your Prescription Safety Glasses?

According to the Vision Council of America, as many as 800,000 workers suffer eye injuries on the job every year, leading to unnecessary suffering, lost productivity, workers compensation claims, and increased risk for lawsuits against employers. 

Ocusafe.com in response to the need for easily accessible prescription safety glasses. With 22 years of experience serving the public online and in person, they have perfected the process of fast and cost effective distribution of prescription eyewear direct to consumers. We’re proud to partner with companies to offer their teams the very best in protective eyewear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your company will have a custom page for employees as well as an admin panel for assigned users to view/approve orders individually or in bulk. Simple, end of month bulk billing rather than one pair at a time.

To eliminate the potential for unauthorized orders, all transactions are placed online for admin approval and accurate billing.

Employees can use their regular eyeglass prescriptions from their eye doctors. We can also make any pair as non-prescription as needed.

We offer top ANSI and OSHA compliant safety frames and lenses, all manufactured in the USA. Choose from metal or plastic and all frames come with permanent side shields (unless otherwise specified); can be made clear, tinted, or polarized; single vision, bifocals or progressives; and other options.

Upon signing up to the program, you may choose to either have all orders ship to one office location or individual employee residence.

Yes! If you would like to offer a select group of frames we can arrange a kit with just those styles.

We offer a 30 day warranty on all frames and lenses against manufacturing defects. If an employee experiences any problems, our customer service specialists will work with them directly to resolve the issue.