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Our prescription safety glasses keep your eyes safe from hazards, including chemicals, dust, debris, splinters, and harmful fumes, while being comfortable enough for all-day wear. Enjoy a safe, more convenient, and more comfortable alternative to layering goggles over your regular frame: Ocusafe’s prescription safety glasses.

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Why Choose Ocusafe.com for Your Prescription Safety Glasses?

How to get the best deal when buying prescription safety glasses?

Simple! By ordering them via Ocusafe, the online American expert in safety eyewear. We offer a unique value proposition: affordable safety glasses that can be fully customized to your Rx prescription. This means you can enjoy prescription enhanced vision and maximum protection in one, ergonomic frame.

Ocusafe is a doctor-owned and operated US-based company with a focus on creating reliable, durable, and trustworthy specs that keep you injury-free, comfortable, and protected.