Prescription Woodworking Safety Glasses

Prescription Woodworking Safety Glasses

At Ocusafe, we set out to curate a line of outstanding quality safety specs, catered exactly to woodworker demands.

At Ocusafe, we set out to curate a line of outstanding quality safety specs, catered exactly to woodworker demands.

Protect Your Vision with Prescription Woodworking Safety Glasses

Woodworking can shoot sawdust and splinters straight toward your eyes. Traditional safety glasses don't include your prescription - but there's a better option. Choose prescription woodworking safety glasses for clear vision and trusted eye protection all in one.

Woodworking Safety Glasses

Prevent Injury with Ocusafe Woodworking Glasses

Without the right gear, shavings, dust, and even wood glue can do serious damage. Block the threat with woodworking safety glasses from Ocusafe. Shatter-proof prescription lenses meet durable frames so you're secure no matter the project.

No Need To Layer Your Prescription and Safety Glasses

Ocusafe woodworking glasses do more than protect your eyes. With custom prescription lenses, every detail stays in focus. No more clunky layering - Ocusafe lenses make sharp vision easier.

Prescription Woodworking Glasses

How Do Ocusafe Lenses Improve Eye Protection?

At Ocusafe, experts dedicated to eye safety design every lens. We follow OSHA's strict guidelines to block high-velocity debris and other threats on the job. Each pair uses durable polycarbonate that's at least 2 mm thick - no shattering, no eye damage. That's backed up by strong anti-scratch tech ready for the workshop. Plus, adding your prescription means better project safety. Our robust prescription lenses keep threats at bay without compromising clear eyesight. Boost your eye protection. Choose Ocusafe.

Ocusafe Prescription Woodworking Sunglasses

Eye protection isn't just about stopping sawdust. Sunlight can cause harm too. Upgrade your gear with woodworking sunglasses. Distracting bright light gets blocked so you can stay focused on the project. Ocusafe woodworking sunglasses combine 100% UV protection and intense impact resistance for total eye security.

Add Sunglass Tint to Your Woodworking Glasses

Customize your safety glasses with a high-quality sunglass tint. With a range of shade options, your lenses get a personal touch while blocking dangerous UV rays. No more squinting in the sunlight. Outdoor work is more comfortable when you're wearing custom sunglasses from Ocusafe.

Woodworking Sunglasses

Shop Woodworking Safety Glasses from Ocusafe

Ocusafe is all about eye protection. As a company founded by doctors, we're focused on your safety. Our industrial-grade safety glasses promise top-tier defense you can trust. Safeguard your vision. Shop Ocusafe for expert-made eye protection.