Importance of Safety Glasses

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Importance of Safety Glasses

Thousands of people suffer eye injuries each year — but most are preventable. With the right safety gear, you can avoid eye damage and maintain healthy vision. Learn more about the importance of safety glasses.

Preventing Eye Injuries from Foreign Objects or Debris

Did you know around 1,000 people sustain work-related eye injuries every day? Hazards in the workplace are extremely common. Whether you’re on a construction site, in a factory, or working outdoors, foreign objects and debris are major risks.

Some of the most common threats include sawdust, rocks, and dirt. You may also face broken glass or metal debris, especially if you’re working at a construction site. Landscaping is also risky. Sticks and rocks can fly more than 200 miles per hour when hit by lawnmower blades.

Thankfully, about 90% of eye injuries are avoidable with proper protection. For reliable safety, OSHA recommends wearing safety glasses that are at least 2 mm thick at their thinnest point. That’s enough to block dangerous debris while still being lightweight and comfortable.

Protecting Your Eyes from Unsafe Light

Debris isn’t the only threat. Light can be just as damaging. One of the biggest hazards is UV produced by the sun. UV can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and even sunburn on your cornea. You can protect yourself with anti-UV safety glasses. Choose safety-certified lenses with 100% UV block for the best protection.

Beyond the sun, things like welding torches and lasers are dangerous without eye protection. Tinted lenses are vital if you work around welding equipment or bright artificial lights. They can even reduce fatigue by filtering harsh wavelengths that cause headaches and eye strain.

Protecting Your Eyes from Chemicals

Wearing gloves while working with chemicals is smart. But many people forget about eye protection. Safety glasses should be part of your gear whenever you deal with pesticides, cleaning solutions, or other hazardous compounds.

For complete protection, choose safety glasses with seals or gaskets that sit against your face. Fully sealed safety glasses can block dangerous liquids and vapors — protecting your eyes in case of a spill.

Prescription Safety Glasses Protect Your Everyday Glasses

In this paragraph we want to discuss the fact that having a pair of prescription safety glasses helps keep you safe, while also keeping your regular pair of glasses safe. No more layering glasses or wearing your normal glasses in an unsafe environment.

First and foremost, safety glasses protect your eyes. But they’re even more helpful for people who wear prescription eyeglasses. Everyday eyeglasses aren’t ready for the workplace. Whether it's debris or chemicals, standard glasses can easily break or get damaged while you’re working.

With prescription safety glasses, you get all the benefits of custom medical lenses without the risk of breaking your standard eyeglasses. Prescription safety glasses are more convenient too. You don’t have to deal with layering goggles over your eyeglasses. And you shouldn’t have to risk wearing normal glasses in unsafe environments. Prescription safety glasses are an all-in-one solution for safe eyes and clear vision.

Order Prescription Safety Glasses from Ocusafe

Safety glasses protect you from a whole range of hazards on the job. And with prescription safety glasses, you don’t have to settle for layering goggles or risk breaking your regular eyeglasses.

OcuSafe builds reliable eye protection to keep you safe. As a doctor-owned company, we believe everyone should have access to durable protective eyewear. That’s why we make affordable safety glasses to block debris, stop chemicals, and safeguard your vision.

Order prescription safety glasses from OcuSafe for trusted eye protection every day.

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Marc Weinstein

Dr. Weinstein's interest in eyecare was sparked at a young age when he struggled in school due to an undiagnosed eye condition. Once he received a diagnosis and underwent vision therapy prescribed by an optometrist, his life changed. This experience ignited his passion for optometry and improving people's lives through better vision.

With a career dedicated to optometry, Dr. Weinstein has made significant contributions to the field. In October 2000, he launched the website to address the affordability of prescription eyeglasses. 39DollarGlasses offers lightweight and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses as well as hundreds of stylish frames at affordable prices, making quality eyewear accessible to more people.

His understanding of the crucial role that protective eyewear plays in preventing eye injuries and his unwavering commitment to eye safety led Dr. Weinstein to launch Ocusafe™ offers a collection of high-quality safety glasses that meet the highest industry standards for durability and effectiveness. Through Ocusafe™, Dr. Weinstein aims to fulfill the needs of individuals and companies seeking top-quality safety eyewear and prioritize eye safety in various industries and activities.

Dr. Weinstein is dedicated to educating patients about the benefits of different lens enhancements, which can improve vision and provide relief for various conditions. These enhancements have a positive impact on migraines, sleep, and photophobia. His passion for this cause has resulted in the introduction of Neurolux™ headache lenses on and Ocusleep™ lenses, available at He also launched to meet the growing demand for safe contact lenses.

Dr. Weinstein earned his doctorate from the Illinois College of Optometry and completed his residency in Low Vision and Geriatrics at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. In addition to his professional pursuits, he enjoys traveling, sports, and spending quality time with his wife and three children.