The Best Types of Shooting Glasses for Hunting and Clays

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When hunting or shooting clays, it is important to protect your eyes from potential hazards such as flying debris, dust, wind, and the sun's harmful rays. The right pair of shooting glasses can help you see clearly, reduce eye strain, and provide protection from these hazards. Learn more about the features of the best types of shooting glasses for hunting and clays.

Polarized Shooting Glasses

Polarized shooting glasses are ideal for hunting and shooting clays because they reduce glare and improve visibility. The polarized lenses are designed to eliminate glare from the sun, which can make it difficult to see your target. They also help reduce eye strain, making it easier to focus on your shot.

Yellow or Amber Lensed Shooting Glasses

Yellow or amber lensed shooting glasses are great for low-light conditions, such as dawn and dusk. The yellow lenses help to enhance contrast, making it easier to see your target. They are also great for shooting clays, as they help to reduce the bright, flashing lights of the clay pigeons.

Photochromic Shooting Glasses

Photochromic shooting glasses are ideal for hunting and shooting clays because they adjust to the lighting conditions. The lenses darken in bright sunlight, and lighten in low-light conditions, making it easier to see your target. These glasses are also great for all-day shoots, as they adjust to the changing light conditions throughout the day.

Clear Shooting Glasses

Clear shooting glasses are ideal for shooting clays, as they provide maximum protection and visibility. The clear lenses help to reduce glare and eye strain, making it easier to focus on your shot. They are also great for hunting, as they provide maximum visibility in low-light conditions.

Choosing the Right Shooting Glasses for Your Needs

When choosing shooting glasses, there are several factors to consider, including:

Lens Material: Choose lenses that are made from shatterproof materials, such as polycarbonate or Trivex. These materials provide maximum protection and durability, and they are also lightweight, which helps reduce fatigue during extended wear.

Lens Color: Consider the lens color that is best suited for your needs. For example, gray lenses are great for general outdoor activities, while yellow lenses are ideal for low-light conditions, such as dawn and dusk.

Anti-Fog Lenses: Anti-fog lenses are important for hunting and shooting clays, as they help prevent condensation from forming on the lenses. This helps to improve visibility and reduce eye fatigue.

Adjustable Temples: Adjustable temples are important for ensuring a comfortable and secure fit, especially during high-impact activities.

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Choosing the right pair of shooting glasses is essential for anyone who participates in hunting or shooting clays. Polarized, yellow or amber lensed, photochromic, and clear shooting glasses are all great options that provide maximum protection and visibility. By choosing the right pair of shooting glasses for your needs, you can protect your eyes, improve your shooting performance, and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities with confidence. Shop our great selection of safety glasses for shooting and hunting, today!

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