Prescription Lab Safety Glasses

Prescription Lab Safety Glasses

Our versatile OcuSafe prescription lab safety glasses collection offers outstanding performance and protection in every scenario: whether you’re an actual scientist or simply love to experiment in the kitchen.

Our versatile OcuSafe prescription lab safety glasses collection offers outstanding performance and protection in every scenario: whether you’re an actual scientist or simply love to experiment in the kitchen.

Protect Your Vision with Prescription Laboratory Safety Glasses

If you need a pair of laboratory safety glasses with prescription lenses, Ocusafe has a great collection of safety-rated frames and lenses to choose from. With durable frame styles from some of the world’s leading safety eyewear brands and our strong shatter-proof lenses, Ocusafe  laboratory glasses are built to last. See clearly and work safely with prescription lab safety glasses from Ocusafe.

Lab Safety Glasses

Prevent Injury with Ocusafe Laboratory Glasses

When logging long hours in the lab, having adequate safety eyewear is critical. Ocusafe laboratory safety glasses are durable enough to hold up to most lab-based activities while protecting your eyes from potential accident or injury. For those with a vision prescription, Ocusafe provides that added layer of protection to help you stay focused on lab tasks without switching or layering glasses.

No Need To Layer Your Prescription and Safety Glasses

Stacking safety lab goggles over your everyday pair of glasses isn't just inconvenient, it can also waste time and increase the risk of harm or injury to your eyes. If you require a vision RX, prescription safety eyewear from Ocusafe is safer and more convenient than layering over prescription glasses or contact lenses. 

Prescription Lab Safety Eyewear

How Do Ocusafe Lenses Improve Eye Protection?

People who work in laboratory settings know there's a list of potential risks they could face on a daily basis. This is why personal protective equipment (PPE) is made available for use in most labs. Usually, these PPE are items like gloves, lab coats, and first-aid kits to help protect your body from chemicals, fumes, burns, and other potential biological risks. However, when it comes to your eyes, there is really only one remedy available in the lab - an emergency eye wash station. This means that no matter what type of lab accidents may happen to your vulnerable eyes, your only immediate option is to hold your eyelids open under running water for around 20-30 minutes. Lab safety glasses from Ocusafe are designed using shatter-proof, impact-resistant, safety lenses, specifically crafted with your lab-based hazards in mind. 

Ocusafe lab safety glasses are available in both prescription and non-prescription lenses, so you can focus on important tasks with precision and clarity. For an extra layer of vision protection, add permanent or removable side-shields to your custom lab glasses from Ocusafe.

Ocusafe Prescription Lab Sunglasses

Ocusafe prescription lab glasses are suitable for a variety of lab-based experiments and settings. If your work requires you to wear prescription safety glasses outside, you may benefit from our prescription lab sunglasses. Whether you're working indoors or outdoors, Ocusafe has a safety lens for you.

Add Sunglass Tint to Your Lab Glasses

While lab sunglasses aren't the most common safety glasses, having a sunglass tint on your lab glasses can increase their comfort and effectiveness in some situations. If you're conducting experiments outside, working in high-light settings, or if you're prone to eye strain or headaches, adding sunglass tint to your non-prescription or prescription lab glasses may be a good choice for you.

Lab Glasses with Permanent Side Shields

Shop Lab Safety Glasses from Ocusafe

Ocusafe is a US-based and doctor-run online eyewear company. Our dedicated team of doctors believe that high-quality specialty eyewear, like lab safety glasses, should be accessible to those who need them the most.

Ordering a high-quality pair of safety lab glasses from Ocusafe is easy. Simply choose your favorite laboratory glasses frame and select from our range of customization options to get started. 

Ocusafe laboratory safety glasses are available for both prescription and nonprescription lenses, and can be upgraded with additional safety options, like lens coating and side shields, to enhance your safety, comfort, and performance. 

Ocusafe laboratory safety glasses safeguard your eyes from a variety of everyday lab-based or scientific tasks. So, whether you need prescription safety glasses for chemistry lab or everyday lab tasks, Ocusafe has a pair of prescription safety glasses for you.