Does an Employer Have to Pay for Safety Glasses?

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Employers have to provide standard safety gear according to OSHA regulations. However, they’re not typically required to pay for specialized prescription safety glasses. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without eye protection. Ocusafe offers affordable prescription safety glasses to protect your eyes at work.

Are Prescription Safety Glasses Really That Important?

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of safety glasses, but protective eyewear is key to staying safe on the job. Around 20,000 people suffer eye injuries in the workplace yearly, leading to high medical bills and even vision loss. These injuries are often avoidable, but only with the right gear. Safety glasses are the most effective way to protect yourself.

For people who need corrective eyewear, prescription safety glasses are the best defense against injuries. Going without prescription lenses can cause accidents due to blurry vision. And you might compromise certain safety features by layering goggles over your glasses. Prescription safety glasses are an all-in-one solution for safe eyes and sharp vision.

What Is the Meaning of the ANSI and Z87 Ratings?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sets quality guidelines for safety glasses. These rigorous design standards help workers make informed decisions about their eye protection.

To get ANSI certification, safety glasses must withstand hazardous chemicals, including vapors and droplets. They also have to deflect high-velocity threats like shards of metal or glass. ANSI uses several markers to indicate protection levels, such as Z87. This marker means the glasses reliably block hazards without shattering.

ANSI-certified glasses must meet strict safety standards Z87 lenses safely deflect high-velocity debris

At Ocusafe, we’re proud to offer durable prescription safety glasses that meet ANSI standards.

What Type of Lenses are Good for Prescription Safety Glasses?

Lenses are the most important part of your safety glasses. They’re the first line of defense, blocking threats head-on. Experts recommend using polycarbonate lenses to avoid injuries. This material is highly impact-resistant and shatter-proof, meaning it won’t snap under pressure.

With a strong polycarbonate base, you can customize your lenses to meet the demands of your job. If you work outdoors, choose tinted lenses that filter harsh light. For projects with lots of abrasive debris, make sure your lenses have a scratch-resistant coating. Your lenses should be ready for work, so Ocusafe offers a wide range of customization options to personalize your protection.

What Type of Frame Designs are Good for Prescription Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses are available with a diverse range of frame designs. You can find options to match your personal style, like aviators or wire rims, but the most important feature to look for is side protection.

When you wear regular eyeglasses, there’s usually a gap between the front of the frames and your face. This gap leaves room for debris to fly in and do damage. Safety glasses should close that gap. Look for frames that wrap slightly around your face to block hazards from all angles. Or choose frames with permanent or removable side shields.

Order Prescription Safety Glasses from Ocusafe™

Everyone should have access to high-quality eye protection. That’s why Ocusafe is dedicated to providing reliable prescription safety glasses at low prices. As a doctor-run company, we offer expert-made lenses and safety-rated frames to keep you safe on the job. Shop our collection and order your pair today!

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With a career dedicated to optometry, Dr. Weinstein has made significant contributions to the field. In October 2000, he launched the website to address the affordability of prescription eyeglasses. 39DollarGlasses offers lightweight and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses as well as hundreds of stylish frames at affordable prices, making quality eyewear accessible to more people.

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