Removable Side Shields for Safety Glasses: Should You Get Them?

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Side shields add an extra layer of protection to your safety glasses. But does everyone need side shields? And are removable shields the best option? Learn more and decide if removable side shields are right for you.

What are Removable Side Shields for Glasses?

Safety glasses block threats head-on. From sawdust to glass, protective eyewear deflects hazards for healthy vision. But some projects are a little more complicated. Safety glasses may not be enough to protect your eyes in fast-paced and messy environments. That’s where side shields come in.

Side shields connect to the arms of your safety glasses, blocking the gap between the frame and your face. Without shields, debris can fly in and hurt your eyes. Side shields come in two styles: permanent and removable. Permanent shields are built-in, giving you 360 protection every time you wear your safety glasses. Removable shields are more flexible. You can easily detach them when you don’t need side protection — then reattach them when it’s time for extra safety. Many people choose removable side shields for their intuitive and adaptable design. Permanent shields are also popular for jobs that require constant side protection.

Side Shields vs No Side Shields

So, are side shields right for you? It depends on the style of safety glasses you wear and the demands of your project.

Some safety glasses feature curved frames. If this curvature sits close enough to your face, the glasses will successfully block debris from the side. But not all safety glasses have the same design. Safety glasses that look more like everyday eyeglasses may have flatter frames. As a result, the gap between your face and glasses is wider. In this case, you should add side shields to optimize your protection. You should also add shields if your curved frames still have enough room for debris to fly in.

Side shields may not be necessary for every job. That’s why removable shields can be an ideal solution. Simply attach your shields when work gets messy, then take them off when you’re done.

Are Side Shields Required on Safety Glasses?

Side shields aren’t always required on safety glasses. If your frames have enough curvature to block debris from the side, shields may not be necessary. However, many people should pair their safety glasses with side shields. According to OSHA standards, removable shields that meet safety guidelines are vital if there’s a gap between the frames and your face.

Side shields are especially important for jobs involving a lot of cutting or dusty environments. Everything from drywall dust to metal debris can quickly cause permanent eye damage without proper protection. Consider upgrading your eye protection with a set of side shields if you regularly work around sawdust, glass, metal, or other similar debris.

Order Prescription Safety Glasses with Removable Side Shields from Ocusafe™

Side shields are an essential part of eye safety for many people. Debris can fly between your frames and your face — but side shields are ready to block the threat. For the best protection, order safety-certified shields and glasses from OcuSafe.

As a doctor-owned company, we’re dedicated to crafting the most reliable safety glasses on the market. Boost your eye safety and protect your vision. Order prescription safety glasses with side shields today.

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